Mar 27, 2024

Keeping Clients in the Loop: A Simple Framework

Keeping it simple via Slack

Keeping a client happy in a design partnership boils down to having a clear process and staying in touch. I've been working remotely for the past few years, and what I've learned is that having a simple framework for communication with the client and involving everyone in the process can really amp up the project outcomes and results.

1. Introduction and Summary

I always aim to get straight to the point because who has time to read huge walls of text, right? So here, I'll give you an overall idea of the update with a quick summary.

Hi <<name>>! Just wanted to shoot you a quick update on our design project. I've got some notes on how we're tracking progress and included some handy links to access all the project deliverables in one place. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi <<name>>! Just dropping you a quick update on our design project. Feel free to utilize Figma's comment functionality to share any insights. Cheers!

2. Design Update

I love recording a quick Loom video to share ideas and progress. I think it's crucial to keep that human connection alive by putting myself in front of the camera and just explaining the results. It's not something I do every single time, but I share it when it makes sense.

Then I will follow this simple structure to share my update on Slack:

Fuctionality/Concept | Status (Researching, Wireframes, High Fidelity, Prototyping, Requires Feedback, Complete)

Followed by an explanation in detail of the design work done and action items and decisions that might need to be taken by the client.

Design Work: Explain in detail what was done and any decisions took along the way

Action Items: Detail necessary feedback from the client

Here is a quick example of how it looks like:

1️⃣ Design System | Requires Feedback

Design Work: I've designed the new UI based on the layout of Acme Corp's landing page and Tailwind's guidelines. All the colors, spacings, shadows, text sizes, etc., are configured as Figma variables consistent with Tailwind's standards.

Action Items: Please provide the final illustrations to be used in the empty states. Also, we need to approve the font family to be used in the design system.

3. Progress Tracking

To ensure the project stays on track, I provide a progress tracker that outlines the frequency of updates and identifies days when communication might not be possible, such as sick days or unexpected roadblocks hindering progress.

  • I will share biweekly updates on the project

  • Project Stage - Design system foundation

  • Design Blockers - Font Family, Illustration assets

4. Up Next

Here, I'll share the items that I'll be focusing on next. If there are any blockers along the way, I try to tackle them as soon as possible while waiting for the previous tasks to be unblocked.

This is how it is shared with the client:

- Color System - Modals - Toast notifications

5. Links

Making the links easily accessible for everyone is crucial. Collaboration should be effortless, and I always strive to provide an easy way to access links to Figma files, documentation, timelines, and even a quick call via

- Figma Design File - Notion Documentation - Linear Project Management - Quick call with João

I have set up this simple framework as a notion template, feel free to copy it and use it for your own projects and communication with key stakeholders.

Hope this was helpful,

Peace ✌🏻

João Borges

Mar 27, 2024

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This content is also available
via Design Snippets newsletter

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Copyright© 2024

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